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5 things to organize when you're sick of winter

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

It's something so many people to have to deal with...

We're into our third, fourth, FIFTH month of winter and maybe we're just over it. We're fortunate now to be heading into March -- when the days are longer, brighter and the festivals in Yellowknife are a PLENTY -- I can't deny that every year, without fail, I reach a point where I'm just over it.

And what I notice, is that if I'm not spending as much time outside as I'd like (i.e. walking the dogs as per my de facto new year's resolution -- more on that later), I need to find something INSIDE to get me off my butt or at least monotonously get through while binge watching the latest season of Sex and the City (don't judge).

So if you're like me and want to be productive inside when the outside is screaming WINTER, check out my list of...

5 Things to Organize When You're Stuck Inside

1. Your Closet

I know what you're thinking: "You want me to go through my whole closet??!" No, not this time ;) Instead, I want you to turn all the hangers in your closet the wrong way. Then when you wear an item, put the hanger back the right way. This is a really simple way to see exactly what you're wearing in your closet. It's also a SUPER quick task you can do on one of those days where you just don't feel like doing much. Don't forget to check in with your wardrobe in a month. Are you surprised you didn't wear that blouse you got from Reitmans four years ago? Consider why you haven't worn it in a month. And challenge yourself: do you really need it?

2. Magazines/books

Have some magazines lying around near your coffee table? Take a gander. When was the last time you looked at them? Why are you keeping them now? Are there specific recipes you want to remember? Consider cutting those out and recycling the rest. Are there others you forgot you even had? Don't be afraid to recycle them! There are a lot of great ideas online! As for your books... consider the ones you've read, that ones you haven't read. Will you read them again? Do you love them that much that you need to keep them? If so, that's okay. But challenge yourself on that book you got for Christmas three years ago that you still haven't read. Are you really going to read it? Consider re-gifting it, or donating it to the public library or thrift store.

3. Junk drawer

Okay, be honest, how bad is it? No better time to tackle it than the present! The best bet is to empty the entire drawer. Give it a good wipe. And then start sorting like with like; all those batteries, Command Hooks, make sure they're sorted together. Once you've done that, decide what you WANT in your junk drawer and what really doesn't belong. Find another home for doesn't belong! And tell your family why you don't want it in your junk drawer. Communication is one of the most important tools for maintaining organization. Next, look around your house for spare small bins, baskets or Ziplock bags; divide the similar items into those bins and replace it all into the drawer. Yes, you CAN have an organized junk drawer. I believe!

4. Laundry

Get on top of it! Clients often talk about how laundry feels like a constant chore, that it's so hard to catch up and actually FINISH a load (and remember, finishing includes folding and putting it away). That's okay! Try to make the chore... not so chore like! Bring a basket into the living room when you're on that fifth-straight episode of Friends, and start folding the clothes without thinking about it too much. Get what you can done and thank yourself for that! You're awesome and being however productive as you can be is good enough. :)

5. Under the sink

Tackle the sink like you the junk drawer! Take everything out! Sort like with like and then... be brutal! Under the bathroom sink can be SUCH A SORE THUMB for clutter. Who else hangs onto all the samples they get? Or what about that hair product you used twice and then decided you hated? Get rid of them! You can donate them if they are gently used. The women's shelter in Yellowknife also collects toiletries for its clients. If you can't donate it, stop feeling guilty about throwing it out. Throw it out now. Think more critically about your next purchase.

Good luck with your indoor tasks, everyone! I know it'll warm up soon (knock on wood). In the meantime, enjoy your organizing and that warm but faint sun that comes with these cold, cold days.

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