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A last-minute Christmas gift list (that creates minimal clutter)

10 ideas you can find right here in Yellowknife

It's becoming more and more common to hear people talking about how they want to avoid clutter and breathe more easily in their homes - especially around the holidays!

And while Christmas is a beautiful season of giving, it's easy to lost in what "giving" actually means. Gifts are certainly a part of that, yes (if you have the means and want to express your love that way), but giving gifts doesn't always have to pertain to something physical.

Some of my quick tips to AVOID adding clutter to friends' and family members' homes...

  1. Don't buy "something" just to buy something

  2. Consider purchasing experiences, like concert or movie tickets

  3. What about a gift certificate to one of our local restaurants?

  4. Buying for a kid? Get the parent involved! Their kid probably doesn't need another LOL or Frozen doll

  5. Avoid the fads!

Bonus tip And one of my favourite tips, that I really want to embrace, is not being afraid to buy secondhand! A lot of the items available on our local buy/sell pages or at the secondhand shops... are STELLAR.

10 clutter-friendly gift ideas available in Yellowknife

Let's start with some ideas for the whole family!

1. Movie tickets Just about anybody in the family would appreciate a gift certificate to the Capitol Theatre here in Yellowknife. A simple, yet thoughtful gift, that helps get everyone out of the house!

2. Food Have you ever thought of making a little gift basket of some of the great local goods made here in Yellowknife? I'm thinking you could grab a loaf from With Bread, a jar of jam from Rudimentary by Cheryl, a scrumptious cheese from Luluz Market, and you have the beginning of a great little gift basket! From there, you could add some yummy tea ☕️ and a Christmas movie... and voila! A lovely night in.

3. Food No, we're not done with food... because another option is a gift certificate for one of our local family restaurants. Copperhouse Eatery + Lounge, anyone? With this gift, don't feel like you have to get enough money that will pay for the entire meal. Even it's $50, that takes a nice little chunk out of the bill to make going out for a dinner that much more of a treat.

4. Family portraits Another gift certificate suggestion! Again with this one, you definitely don't have to - and shouldn't be expected to - give what it would cost for an entire session. But what if you could contribute a little something? Do you know a family that would love something like that, but has difficulty making it a priority? Give them a gift certificate from Samantha Stuart Photography Inc. or Hannah Eden Photography. You won't regret contributing to those smiles.

Now what about those kiddos??! 5. Markers, coloured pencils, colouring books Depending on their age, kids can go through these quite quickly! And if you know their creative and love taking colour to page, why not get a ❄️themed❄️colouring book? Frozen 2, anyone?

6. Clothes Now I know, you're probably thinking, "YAWN, yeah right! My kid won't accept clothes!" But what if they're of their favourite character? I'm looking at you, Elsa! It's easy to overbuy kids' toys of their favourite character, but what about something they can wear proudly to school after Christmas break?

7. Children's Festival of Silliness at Northern Arts and Cultural Centre - NACC Okay, this show sounds awesome. And it's MADE for kids! The first half of the show includes a performance about a powerful spirit that inhabits a feast dish; the other half is an interactive kids' magic show by Isabelle la Wonderful. Oh, and did I mention intermission includes a big bouncy castle, face painting, clowns, games and snacks??!

And now, for teachers, friends, employees... just about anyone! 8. Ornament 🎄 Thinking you want to give something Christmas related? I'd stick to an ornament for the tree. The main idea behind this is that there's generally room for more ornaments! But! I'd do some investigating first. If you know someone is particular about their ornament style OR if they're a teacher and get 25 ornaments every Christmas... choose something else!

9. Book (digital if possible!) Books can be such beautiful gifts - for just about anyone! Have a teen who loves their fiction? What about a friend that's going to Italy next summer? Or someone who's longing to learn more about ... just about anything! The Book Cellar is your one-stop shop. Know someone who has a Kindle or Kobo or is looking to get one? Another great option! Get them a digital book.

10. Spa treatment Something as simple as a manicure can go a long way in someone's day I recommend Etandah Organic Day Spa if you're looking for a beautiful, inclusive experience... that is also just chill! A $20 to $50 gift certificate is a great way to encourage someone to take time for themselves.

I hope this helps you if you're struggling to find that perfect physical something for someone. Remember, sometimes the best gifts are much simpler than we anticipated. Happy holidays!


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