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Creating a home with function and flow.

Get Organized Package

A 12-hour program that looks at exactly how your family uses its space, reimagining it to work for everyday life.

Life is busy!

Your things don’t have a place — and even if they do, your family seems to destroy it all behind you.

Maybe you moved into your new house too quickly and things’ locations have never seemed quite right; or you have a beloved arts and craft collection that doesn’t have the containment it needs; or maybe you want to optimize the space in your living room for guests AND kids’ playtime. “Fixing” all that has been on your to-do list forever, but there never seems to be time.


... and it’s stressing you out.

You’ve tried maximizing your living space, but...

You spend too much time looking for what you need because there isn’t one home for everything

Filing box
  • You know you need better organizational systems, so you bought bins, baskets and maybe even new furniture, but it hasn’t helped because things are still out and everywhere

  • You’re constantly rethinking the layout of your living room or bedroom, because the flow and function never seems right

Packing box
  • You want to do more to help pass on organizing skills to the youngins, so they don’t end up feeling bogged down by their stuff too.

  • You can get motivated to gather enough unwanted items to fill a box, but don’t get any further because taking that box to a donation centre feels like one more insurmountable step.

Here's how things will change

When it’s time to relax… you can actually do it!

  • You will find what you’re looking for because you know exactly where it should be (in its permanent home!)

  • Your space will be laid out in a way that makes sense for its size and for how your family uses it

  • You’ll have bins and baskets in places that make sense for the habits of your family 

  • You’ll learn lasting skills you can continue to use throughout your home and pass on to the younger members of your family

Organized utensils

Get Organized Package

A 12-hour organizing and space planning program that looks at exactly how your family uses the spaces in your home, reimagining them in a way that functions for everyday life. 

When it’s time to relax… you can actually relax! Instead of focusing on that mess in the entryway or the pile at the bottom of the stairs.  


GET ORGANIZED PACKAGE is all about making sure you spend as little time as possible tidying — or worrying about tidying — and stay focused on what you love about your life and your family!

What's included?

  • Free online questionnaire, so we know the exact areas to focus on and don't wind up getting distracted!

  • In-person consultation, so you can physically show me the areas we need to organize and better plan

  • 4 three-hour, in-home organizing sessions

  • We will figure out what is and ISN’T working in your home — and why​

  • Email follow-ups from me after each session to acknowledge what we've accomplished and what we're focusing on next

  • I will shop for you! If we need to get any baskets or bins or furniture to make your space work better… I’ll get it for you!

  • Donation takeaway, if you have items you end up decluttering during your homework sessions :) 

  • Do some things only belong in the dump? I'll take them there too!

  • Specialized tips (directly to your inbox!) on decluttering and MAINTAINING less clutter in your home


1. How long will this take?

The Get Organized Package includes 12 on-site hours, where I will be working at your home to help organize your space. We will plan to split the hours into four three-hour sessions. Once that work is done, I’ll leave you with my best maintenance strategies for keeping an organized home.

2. Do I have to be there during the sessions?

It’s up to you! Some people prefer to work with me one-on-one, but others would rather I just deal with the reorganization myself! During your consultation, we’ll figure out what you’re most comfortable with and what works best for the areas we’re tackling in your home.

3. Will you help me get rid of things too?

This package does not include one-on-one decluttering services, but I will still help you get things out of your home. Between our organizing sessions, we may talk about some decluttering that needs to be done. If, at the end of that, you have a few boxes for donation, I can take them away for you! If you feel you need more help with decluttering, my Declutter & Donate Package could be the right fit!  

4. Why do I have to buy 12 hours at once?

The Get Organized Package is designed so you get the most out of my services. Depending on the rooms we choose to reorganize (I’m looking at you, kitchen and playroom!), it could just cover your most problematic areas. Or! We could tackle four smaller areas (think: three hours each).

5. Should the whole family get involved? 

That’s completely up to you! In my experience, one of the main reasons organizational systems don’t last is because everyone in the family doesn’t understand them OR because everyone in the family wasn’t considered! So when I talk about the whole family, it doesn’t mean every family member has to work with me one-on-one (though that’s not out of the question!); it just means we have to think about EVERYONE and their habits — good and bad — and how we can work WITH them so you don’t feel like you’re starting from square one every week. 


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