Let’s get organized — and stay that way.

I can help you declutter and destress.

You try to keep your house organized, but everything doesn't seem to have a place, leaving it feel cluttered and stressful!

Life is busy!

Your things don’t have a place — and even if they do, your family seems to destroy it all behind you.

With the kids’ dance and soccer practices; school lunches and picking them up from home care; that promised date night with your husband – and the kids’ homework and bedtime routines (and those lunches) and that get-together you’ve been meaning to have at the new house…

...keeping things organized doesn't always make it to the top of the to-do list.

You’ve tried maximizing your living space by…

Things don’t have a place — and even if they do, your family seems to destroy it all behind you.

Filing box
  • Buying bins and baskets to store things in — but you no longer know what’s in them

Packing box
  • Packing things up and putting them in storage — but you don’t remember what those things were

Moving box
  • Putting things away in drawers and cupboards — but it’s only relocated the problem

  • Installing shelves and bookshelves — but they’ve just become more space to put things

  • Tidying up a space only to see kids or pets un-organize it almost immediately

Here's how I can help!

Those bins and baskets will have a purpose and a place that is pretty, yet functional

  • You will know what you own (in storage or not)

  • Prime real estate like drawers and cupboards will be organized by category for efficiency

  • Your shelves and bookcases will only be used for displaying pretty things or storing… books!

  • You’ll buy something new KNOWING you don’t already own it; that it can replace something else; AND… exactly where to put it

  • Your things will belong in places that make sense for everyone in the family, making it easy to clean up at the end of the day. 

Organized utensils

Get Organized package

4-hour program that customizes how to organize your things so everything has a place and the whole family can help keep it that way. 

When it’s time to relax… you can actually relax! Instead of focusing on that mess in the entryway or the pile at the bottom of the stairs.  


GET ORGANIZED is all about making sure you spend as little time as possible tidying — or worrying about tidying — and stay focused on what you love about your life and your family!

What's included?

  • In-person consultation, so we know exactly what we’re dealing with heading into the work!

  • We will figure out what is and ISN’T working in your home — and why

  • Tips on getting rid of your things

  • 4 hours of in-home organizing

  • I will shop for you! If we need to get any baskets or bins or shelves to make your space work better… I’ll get it for you! (Because let’s be real… do you have time to go shopping for baskets?)

  • Email or phone check-ins with me throughout the project to see how things are going, so we can adjust something you know isn’t working

  • Tips on what to expect AFTER we’re complete.  After all, this is about STAYING ORGANIZED too. 🙂


1. How long will this take?

Get Organized includes four “on-site” hours, where I will be working at your home to help organize your space. The recommend splitting the hours into two two-hour sessions. Once that work is done, I’ll leave you with my best maintenance strategies for keeping an organized home.

2. Do I have to be there during the sessions?

No! Listen, I know you’re busy and therefore won’t necessarily have the time to work side-by-side with me for four hours. During your consultation, we’ll figure out what you’re most comfortable with and what works best for the areas we’re tackling in your home.

3. Will you help me get rid of things too?

This package does not include purging or decluttering services — like taking items to the thrift store for you — but it DOES include my best tips for getting rid of your stuff. Think you need a bit more help? Check out my other packages. 

4. Why do I have to buy four hours?

Get Organized is designed so you get the most out of my services. It is nearly impossible to have a LASTING impact on a home (and its dwellers!) in less than four hours. Remember, in four hours we are completely reworking one, maybe two, spaces in your home and helping the whole family understand the importance of keeping it that way!

5. Is the whole family ACTUALLY going to be involved? 

That’s completely up to you! In my experience, one of the main reasons organizational systems don’t last is because everyone in the family doesn’t understand them, OR… because everyone in the family wasn’t considered! So when I talk about the whole family, it doesn’t mean every family member has to work with me side-by-side (though that’s not out of the question!); it just means we have to think about EVERYONE and their habits — good and bad — and how we can work WITH them so you don’t feel like you’re starting from square one every week. Make sense?


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