Getting rid of something?

Here’s where to take it that’s not the dump

Packages with A-list Organizing include drop off at the appropriate location. 

Organizations to Donate To!


Habitat for Humanity NWT’s Restore accepts a wide variety of household items as well as building materials. All donations must be in new or near-new condition and are subject to staff approval. Open Thursdays and Saturdays.


Location: Yellowknife Solid Waste Facility (turn left before entering the dump) Email:  


Northern Mosaic Network

This resource and support centre for 2SLGBTQIAA+ and allies is always looking for furniture and housewares that may help youth feel more at home in their space. They’re also looking for books, resources, movies, supplies, or other knick-knacks. You can contact them to schedule a pick-up or drop-off time.


Location: Suite 223, 5112 52nd Street  Phone: 444-7295  Email:  


Bottle Shop

Getting rid of old computers, printers or hard drives? Take them to the Bottle Shop! If the attendant approves the item, they take it off your hands and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. 


Location: 7 Old Airport Road  Phone: 873-4449  


Yellowknife Housing First

This program, which offers housing to people who may not be able to afford it, takes new or gently used donations, including furniture, cleaning supplies, bathing products and more.  


Location: 50th Street, between 50th and 51st Avenues  Phone: 688-0035  


The Salvation Army Thrift Store

The Sally Anne in Yellowknife will take virtually anything in resell condition. Accepting donations during business hours (10 a.m to 6 p.m., Tuesday to Saturday) at the back door.   


Location: 4925 45th St.  Phone: 920-4673  


St. Patrick’s Vinnies Thrift Store

This is the replacement for the Catholic’s church former flea market. It accepts clothes and other household items in good, resell condition. It does not accept larger pieces of furniture or electronics because it doesn't have the space! 


Location: 362 Old Airport Rd.  Phone: 920-4961  


Pay It Forward NWT

Yellowknife's Renee Sanderson runs this group. It's a good Facebook group to watch for any updates on needs in the community or across the territory.  


Location: Facebook only  

Salvagers Unite

This is a group on Facebook. If you're based in Yellowknife, you can post your unwanted items on this group for someone to pick up from your home for free. The best part of this group during a pandemic is that you don't have to spend too much time arranging a pick-up time for the items. A lot of people leave their items on their decks or in their driveways for the taking... taking the first come, first served outlook to a whole new level!

Location: Facebook only


Diabetes Canada

There are three Diabetes Canada drop boxes around Yellowknife for you to donate items. Bag up your gently used household supplies, small electronics and clothing (including stained clothing, which will be recycled) and drop them in a box. These items then go to a Value Village in Alberta. 


Location: Yellowknife Fieldhouse, 45 Kam Lake Rd.  Rochdi’s Independent Grocer, 250 Old Airport Rd. Yellowknife Co-op, 321 Old Airport Rd.  Phone:  1-800-226-8464  



The YWCA is always looking for clothing for women and children they're helping. Often their clients only have the clothes on their backs. Contact the group via Facebook and they'll get you in touch with Sharon Pierce.  


Online: YWCA NWT (Facebook)   


A-list Organizing By Alyssa Mosher

Some packages with A-list Organizing include item drop off at the appropriate location.  


Additional drop offs are charged per hour.   



Other Resources


How to read codes on canned goods

Having trouble decoding the expiry on some of the goods in your pantry? This website could help!  


CRA and record keeping

VERY useful information for anyone who has questions about which records they have to keep for tax purposes — and for how long. And what about keeping electronic records? Are they enough if the Canadian Revenue Agency contacts you?  


Google Calendar

I LOVE Google Calendar. It makes life work for me. I put every scheduled event or appointment in the calendar app and often set reminders that are sent to my phone. Then I KNOW I won’t forget something. You can also colour coordinate your events based on work, personal, kids’ events… so get to it! You’ll love it. 

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