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Two weeks to getting rid of what you don’t need

Declutter & Donate Package

A 4-hour program that helps you purge the things you don't need or love... and get them out the door.

Life can get crazy!

There are so many things on the to-do list.

And so many things on the go! Finding the time to declutter and donate the things you don’t love or need… just hasn’t happened. But you really need it to! Extra things are everywhere, piling up... 

... and it's stressing. you. out. 

You haven’t gotten rid of items because...

You don't want them to end up at the dump

Art hanging
  • You love spending time with your family, but can’t help but notice all the things piling up around your house, because the visual clutter feels like it’s cluttering your mind

Fridge organization
  • You know you have things you don’t need, but finding the time to go through them after a full day is exhausting, because you just want to relax and be with your family

  • You can get motivated to gather enough unwanted items to fill a box, but don’t get any further because taking that box to a donation centre feels like one more insurmountable step.

Blue packing box
  • You want to remember the fun times you’ve had with family and friends by collecting keepsakes, but that box is overflowing because you’re not particular enough about what you keep

You know you don't need everything.

You know it’s time to move this task to the top of your list

I totally understand the burden though. It never seems that simple.


To be honest, I used to hang onto nearly everything because I put sentimental value on all of it. I was always organized, but my mom would call me a pack rat (truth be told, she was nearly the opposite at the time). I held onto every movie stub, every birthday and Christmas card. I even had trouble eating Halloween candy (because I didn’t want to “go so quickly”).


But once I began to realize those items didn’t contain a memory like a safe, that there were still other ways to remember a great concert or fun time with a friend, I felt so relieved. And ultimately stopped lugging and storing away things I simply didn’t need or love.


I created this package to help people think more critically about the things in their homes; how they’re a part of their lives – or not – and how it may not be so bad if they didn’t have some of them anymore.  And yes, there is a way to get rid of something withOUT throwing it in the landfill.

Alyssa Mosher 2019

Here's how things will change

Organizing will hit the top of your to-do list

  • You will schedule time to declutter what you don’t need because ultimately that will lead to better relaxation

  • You will let your family know how the clutter affects you every day, because being present with them and having them on board is so important

  • You will think more critically about the things you bring and keep in your home, because you don’t have space (physically or mentally) for overstuffed spaces

  • You will be able to tackle each decluttering job, one at a time, because donating unused or unneeded items to a local charity feels good 

Declutter & Donate Package

A 4-hour decluttering program that hones in on your major problem areas, helps you let go of the things you don’t need to keep, and get them out of your house and donated to an organization in need.


Stop stressing about the stuff around your house!


Declutter & Donate Package is all about making sure you have what you NEED and LOVE and stop feeling guilty about the stuff you don’t want to keep! It will leave you with a new outlook on the stuff you bring into your home.

What's included?

  • Free online questionnaire, so we know the exact areas to focus on and don't wind up getting distracted

  • In-person consultation, so you can physically show me the things we need to sort through and how much we might be donating

  • 2 two-hour, one-on-one decluttering sessions

  • Email follow-ups from me after each session to acknowledge what we've accomplished and what we're focusing on next

  • Donation takeaway, so you no longer have to worry about things sitting by the door or in the car for weeks

  • Do some things only belong at the dump? I’ll take them there!  

  • Specialized tips (directly to your inbox!) on MAINTAINING less clutter in your home


1. How long will this take?

The Declutter & Donate Package includes four “on-site” hours, where I will be working at your home with you to help you declutter. We will schedule two two-hour sessions. Once our time is up, I’ll leave you with my best mindful purchasing and decluttering strategies. 

2. Do I have to be there during the sessions?

Yes! When it comes to decluttering your things, you are the ultimate decision maker. We will work one-on-one to get through everything that’s been bogging you down!

3. Will you help me organize my things once we’ve purged?

This package does not include organizing services, but hopefully once you’ve gotten rid of those things you DON’T WANT, you’ll be able to visualize an organizational system that works best for the whole family. If you still think you need more help with creating those systems, check out my Get Organized Package

4. Why do I have to buy multiple hours?

The Declutter & Donate Package is designed so you get the most out of my services. Purging and letting go of things is a process! And committing to four hours of undistracted time is key to getting the results you’re looking for.

5. How do I know the clutter will be gone for good?  

To be honest, you don’t know. But I can tell you it’s really important to me that after our two weeks together, your whole family understands why it’s important to you that your home isn’t piled with stuff.  I will also leave you with my mindful purchasing and decluttering tips that everyone in the family can use. This isn’t about not bringing ANYTHING new into the house (that’s just not realistic!); it’s about making sure you know what you have; that you LOVE or NEED what you’re buying… and there is space for it!


Book your consultation today!

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