Get rid of things you don't want — and feel good about it.

You know you have too much stuff…

…but the sentimental value —  or POSSIBLY needing an item one day — is crushing you.

Life can get crazy!

It's easy to NOT stop and enjoy it.

So you want to hang onto all those little family moments that seem to pass so quickly… however you can! And so if that means you’ve kept every piece of artwork your daughter has brought home from Kindergarten, then so be it. And that gifted punch bowl you’ve used twice since your wedding nine years ago? You want to give it away, but feel guilty about getting rid of a present.

But your house… the things in it… it’s just too much. 

You haven’t gotten rid of items because you...

Your things don’t have a place — and even if they do, your family seems to destroy it all behind you.

Art hanging
  • Will regret it later (especially with kids artwork, drawings and baby stuff)

  • May want to use the item a year from now 

  • Don’t want to spend money on something similar again

Fridge organization
  • Want your items to go somewhere where they will be useful to someone else. You just don’t know where to take them.

Blue packing box
  • Don’t want to simply throw things in the landfill

Sad face
  • Are afraid of hurting the person who gave them to you if you

  • PLUS… Maybe your children will want them in the future!

Cluttered and Stressful

You can’t seem to mentally let go of your things.

Every time you try to get rid of things, you spend so much time thinking about each item. There is an easier way to allow yourself to let go of things though! My sentimental attachment to things used to affect the greatest memories I had, until I realized those things had nothing to do with how I remembered the moment.  


I totally get where you’re coming from.


To be honest, I held onto things. A lot. I was definitely organized and everything had to be “just so,” but I had so much stuff. I kept things forever! I’d hold onto every concert ticket  — and t-shirt from each concert. I had every movie stub, every birthday and Christmas card — even Halloween candy! I just had so much sentimental attachment to everything… that I couldn’t let go of anything!  


But it doesn’t have to be so hard.  


I created this package to help people think about the items they have in their homes; how they’re a part of their lives – or not – and how it may not be so bad if they didn’t have some of them anymore. 

Alyssa Mosher 2019

Here's how I can help!

Customize how to organize your things so everything has a place and the whole family can help keep it that way. 

Figure out what sets special pieces of kids’ artwork, drawings and baby stuff apart. Why do you love them so much? Then you’ll find a special way to store and display them


Learn how to keep what you NEED and LOVE… and let go of the others!


Keep items that can be used for multiple reasons – and eliminate those you haven’t used in a year or more


Stop worrying about donating items – I will deal with this for you! All the items you don’t want, I will take off your hands and DONATE them to a charitable organization in need


Learn how to look at your things and make a realistic decision about whether or not they’re worth hanging onto because your children may want them in the future


If items DO need to go to the dump, I will make that run for you!


Learn how to let go of the guilt you feel based on the presents people have given you

Get Rid of My Clutter package

A 4-hour program that looks at exactly what you own and the space it is taking up, walking through why you’re mentally holding onto things.  


Stop stressing about the stuff around your house!


GET RID OF MY CLUTTER is all about making sure you have what you NEED and LOVE and stop feeling guilty about the stuff you don’t want to keep! It will leave you with a new outlook on the stuff you bring into your home. 

What's included?

  • In-person consultation, so we know exactly what we’re dealing with heading into the work!

  • 4 hours of in-home decluttering work

  • Email or phone check-ins with me through the project, to see how things are going

  • I will take things away for you! If you have a specific organization you want your items to go to, I will bring them there for you!  

  • Do some things only belong at the dump? I’ll take them there!  

  • Tips on what to expect AFTER we’re complete.  After all, what do you do if you accumulate more things? 


1. How long will this take?

Get Rid of My Clutter includes four “on-site” hours, where I will be working at your home with you to help purge your things. We will schedule two two-hour sessions. And I will be available for assistance via email or phone for four full weeks!  Once that time is up, I’ll leave you with my best mindful purchasing strategies to help you when bringing things into your home. 

2. Do I have to be there during the sessions?

Yes. When it comes to purging your things, you are the ultimate decision maker. We will work side-by-side to get through everything that’s been bogging you down! 

3. Will you help me organize my things once we’ve purged?

This package does not include organizing  services, but hopefully once you’ve gotten rid of those things you DON’T WANT, you’ll be able to visualize an organizational system that works best for the whole family!  Think you need a bit more help? Check out my other packages.

4. Why do I have to buy multiple hours?

Get Rid of My Clutter is designed so you get the most out of my services. It is nearly impossible to have a LASTING impact on a home (and its dwellers!) in less than four hours. Remember, in four hours we are purging into one, maybe two, spaces in your home and helping the whole family understand the importance of being mindful about what you bring into your home!

5. How do I know the clutter will be gone for good?  

To be honest, you don’t know. But I can tell you it’s really important to me that after our four weeks together, your whole family understands why it’s important to you that your home isn’t piled with stuff.  I will also leave you with my mindful purchasing tips that everyone in the family can consider when bringing something new into the house. This isn’t about not bringing ANYTHING new into the house (that’s just not realistic!); it’s about making sure you know what you have, you LOVE or NEED what you’re buying… and there is space for it. 


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