The clutter in your home is creating stress and unhappiness.

I can help you declutter and destress.

Less stress means more time to enjoy life!

You're running all over the place

…taking care of the kids, the dogs… and whenever there is “free time,” you’re doing house work.

You WANT to get out of the house more OR have more people over, but you don’t feel completely comfortable in your home. Stuff is lying around that isn’t — and likely won’t get — used, but you feel like you don’t have time to go through it.  


There’s just so much stuff.  


And even if you did do the initial tidy, papers and miscellaneous things would pile up again and you struggle to maintain the organization.


Your things don’t have a place — and even if they do, your family seems to destroy it all behind you.

  • There's too much stuff and you don’t know what to get rid of without regretting it later 

  • You feel the amount of stuff is too daunting to tackle 

  • You buy something new and have no place for it

  • You try to stay organized, but kids or pets “de-organize” it right behind you

You can’t seem to get yourself to the point where you can deal with all the stuff, and just wish someone would help you.

I know what it’s like.

I used to hold onto so many things! You name it, I kept it, because I felt like there was no other way to remember a memory.  

Things changed when I realized I had to deal with all those things.    


Whether they came with me as I moved across the country, or they stayed in my childhood home back in Nova Scotia, they were always there, not being used, not being looked at… just… taking up space in the end.  


And it just wasn’t working.  


I created this package to really help people think about the items they have, the items they purchase, how it all fits in their homes. This is about keeping what you LOVE and NEED and organizing it in a way that works for you — and everyone else in your home! 

Image by Jarek Ceborski

Here’s how I can help!

Customize how to organize your things so everything has a place and the whole family can help keep it that way. 

  • Get rid of what you don’t want and FEEL OKAY ABOUT IT


  • Tackle one pile or room at a time, so you don’t get overwhelmed and abandon what you’ve set out to do


  • Everything will have a place


  • Think more about each purchase and how it will fit into your home and its new place


  • Be able to maintain the organization without having the house get crazy again and start from square one

What's included?

  • In-person consultation, so we know exactly what we’re dealing with heading into the work!

  • 8 hours of in-home work with me

  • Purge what needs to be purged! We will work through sentimental attachment, maybe-I’ll-need-it-some-day syndrome 😉 and anything else that’s holding you back

  • Organize any areas in your home that feel so hard to maintain


  • Email or phone check-ins throughout the project to get us ready for the next session!


  • I will take things away for you! If you have things to donate, I will get them out of your house and take them somewhere that will use them

  • Do some things only belong at the dump? I’ll take them there!  


  • I will shop for you! If we need to get any baskets or bins or shelves to make your space work better… I’ll get it for you! (Because let’s be real… do you have time to go shopping for baskets?)


  • Tips on MINDFUL PURCHASING so you think more about what new things you’re bringing into your home


  • Tips on STAYING ORGANIZED after our sessions are complete!  


  • Two weeks of additional email, phone or messenger support after the project is complete

All-in-One package

An 8-hour program that looks at exactly what you own and the space it is taking up.

Multiple one-on-one sessions with me will keep you on track to getting rid of what you don’t want, keeping what you LOVE and NEED… and organizing it in a way that works for everyone.  


So you have less stress and more time for life!


ALL-IN-ONE is about making sure you’re comfortable in your home and no longer worrying about trying to keep it clean all day every day. You will have time to BREATHE. 


1. How long will this take?

The All-in-One package includes eight “on-site” hours, where I will be working at your home to help organize and declutter your home. The hours are split in four two-hour sessions. Once that work is done, I’ll leave you with my best maintenance strategies for keeping an organized home.

2. Do I have to be there during the sessions?

Sometimes! Listen, I know you’re busy and therefore won’t necessarily have the time to work side-by-side with me for all the time, but when purging your items, it is important to me that you have the final say in what items stay and what goes! During your consultation, we’ll figure out what you’re most comfortable with and what works best for the areas we’re tackling in your home.

3. Will you help me get rid of things too?

Yes! I'll take anything you don't want and donate it to a charity in need.

4. What if I need more than eight hours of in-home work? 

No problem! That's something we can discuss at your consultation and figure out according to your budget.

5. What else am I paying for other than your time working in my home?

The package also includes the time I will spend working for you away from your home. That includes loading, unloading, donating and recycling items; researching and shopping for the best organizational systems and materials for your home; two weeks of additional support following our in-home work; specialized tips on maintaining organization... and more!


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